Tagging American Guinea Hogs

Since we have decided to increase our breeding of American Guinea Hogs we need a way to track who is who and who came from what litter. The American Guinea Hog Association does not require any tagging or tattoos on registered animals. I feel like it is important to tag or tattoo animals that are registered as the breed becomes more and more popular. You would hope that everyone is being honest about what animal is going with what registry certificate but you never know.

Until there is a identification standard for the American Guinea Hogs, we have decided that we will tag our hogs that are for food and our breeders will be left alone.

Currently we have three pastures that house our AGHs. One is for our boar, Willy, and whomever his mate at the time is (currently it is Kate). We have found that our boars are happy when there is a female companion in with them. The second pasture has the rest of the breeding sows and our other boar, George, who will be leaving soon. The next pasture has all the hogs that are weaned.

When I walk down to the weaner pasture it is a crazy mess. We have four sows and plan on having a farrowing every month. When the gilts and barrows get separated to be weaned, they all go into one pasture. This is where we need to make sure we know who came from what breeding and their age.

Below is a photo of our new tagging system. The little gilt with the white mark is sold as a breeder so she does not have a permanent identification. It also made it easier to pick her  and the other two we sold out of the group. The paint washes away in a couple days. The other gilt is tagged with a mini-tag from Tractor Supply. We mark it with a “M” or a “F” and a number using a special marker.




Now, when we go down to feed and check on the hogs I know who is who. Pardon the Guinea Hen mixed in with the Guinea Hogs.

The tagging is just like getting your ears pierced and they hogs did not seem bothered by it one bit.




In other news…have you ever seen a Livestock Guardian Dog eat its food? They lay down and eat. Jake just likes to put his head entirely in the bucket to eat.