Jake’s Photo Shoot

Jake saw me taking photos today and he wanted in on the action. So I told him we would do a photo shoot.


I told him to look handsome…


This is his shy look….


The look of love…


The don’t bother me I am doing a photo shoot look…


The I am going to eat this tiny little lab for breakfast if she doesn’t get out of my photo shoot look…


His better side…


This is his please let me jump up on you and give you a hug look…


Okay….just this once!

This makes him look short. His paws actually sit on my shoulders when I let him give me a hug.


I love my Livestock Guardian Dog!


5 thoughts on “Jake’s Photo Shoot

    • Oh I have a love hate with that age. They are the cutest and fluffiest little pups however, they can be so naughty at that age! It looks like you homeschool also! I am off to check out your site.


  1. I have two great Pyrannies also (Zanny and Sedona … brother and sister) funny thing I also have a black Lab mix that looks just like yours as well.

    • We love our Pyrs! The only way we are able to have livestock where we are is LGDs. I love that they are gentle giants. We do have two chocolate labs. However they are in big trouble for eating the chicken eggs lately! Lol

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