Goat Kidding Season Preparations

With goat kidding season just around the corner I have been prepping our kidding kit and getting the barn ready. We have quite a few does kidding this season so I am stocking up a little more than last year.

I need to get our kidding stalls put back together. I love that they are able to be taken down and give the barn more room in the summer time.


So, besides our normal kidding schedule with my does (drying off, worming, C/D&T, etc) I also trim up their backsides.

I try to trim up the does before kidding to make the clean up and nursing easier. My does tend to get a bit hairy during winter so all that fur needs to go. I use my Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper and my Wahl Professional 8900 Trimmer Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer to trim them up. I love my cordless trimmers and use it even after milking to trim them up and keep hair out of the milk pail.




I have a rolling tool box that I stock with everything I might need during kidding. We live about an hour and a half from a feed store and it would take a vet about an hour to get to our house so I have to be sure I have all my bases covered.




I keep it next to the kidding stalls so I don’t have to worry about bringing it down. Sometimes it is snowing when I have goats on the ground.




Here are the items that I keep in the kidding box:

  • Puppy Training Pads: Used them to clean the kids off and catch any dripping goo from the doe.
  • Clean Dry Towels: Used for cleaning up the doe and drying off the kids.
  • Feed Bags: To clean up the afterbirth and any dirty towels or training pads.
  • Bottled Water: Used to clean my hands and wetting down towels for clean up.
  • Teat Dip Cup with 7% Iodine: Used to dip their umbilical cord and hooves.
  • Betadine: Used for cleaning up your hands and sterilizing especially if you have to go in to help.
  • OB Lube: To use if you have to go in and help.
  • Latex gloves and Long Plastic Gloves (Insemination Gloves)
  • Dental Floss: To tie umbilical cord if necessary.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: Clean any tools.
  • Baby Nasal Aspirator: To get the gunk out of the noses of the kids.
  • Scissors: If you need to pop the bubble or the cord. I have never had to do either.
  • Weak Kid Syringe: To feed the kid if he is too weak to nurse on his own
  • Gatorade: Great for giving the doe am electrolyte boost if needed.
  • Karo Syrup: Good for giving the doe a boost.
  • Tums: I give my does tums as treats for about two weeks prior to kidding and a couple weeks after. It is great to keep their Calcium up.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
  • Molasses


After kidding I give my does a “After Kidding Tea” that is red raspberry leaf tea with molasses and tums in it. I give it to her warm and they slurp it up quickly. The Red Raspberry Leaf Tea helps stop excess bleeding after kidding and helps tone the uterus back to normal. The molasses gives them some calories and a little pep. The tums helps replenish the calcium that is lost.


Also, the day after my doe kids I give her dose of Valbazen (do not use in pregnant does). Since kidding is so stressful, worms tend to wake up and can be very harmful to the doe. I do not like using a lot of chemical wormers in my goats but I believe that this is a good time to use it.


2 thoughts on “Goat Kidding Season Preparations

  1. Good luck with those does! I found a very helpful site regarding all things goats http://fiascofarm.com/ including info on non chem worming methods and holistic husbandry practices. Please post kid pics when they arrive – nothing says spring like baby livestock 🙂 Our goats typically kid in late Feb and early March, when it is still cold and their arrival brings in the change of seasons. ~Amy

    • I am so excited for kidding season but we have to wait a bit longer. I have one doe due in February and then after that April, May, and June.

      I have used Fias Co. Farms site before! It is a great wealth of information.

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