Quartz Ridge Ranch’s Goals for 2013

Every year we try to grow our ranch to allow for our family to be less dependent on stores and more on our land. The past year has been one of ups and downs, see (Do you Ever Feel Like Throwing in the Towel). I am looking forward to improving on some of our systems and adding new animals. I believe it is important for a ranch to have goals each year and have a plan to achieve those goals. We are at the point that our ranch has become a business and we need to have a business plan for it to be successful.

Goals for 2013:

  • Start American Guinea Hog CSA – Raise American Guinea Hogs to finish weight for members of our community at a reasonable price.
  • Start our Rabbitry – We will start with 1 buck and 3 does and grow from there when we get a handle on it!
  • Add in a few fiber sheep, preferably Finnish.
  • Purchase a used livestock trailer.
  • All pastures have automatic water for the animals by Summer 2013.
  • Participate in Farmer’s Market by selling eggs, AGH CSA and a few other ideas I have up my sleeve!

Projects for 2013:

  • Build a chicken pasture, divide it and plant it with a chicken forage blend.
  • Build a portable chicken coop for the chicken pasture.
  • Build a structure for hay storage so we can purchase in bulk with minimal loss throughout the year.
  • Add one more large pasture for growing out weaner hogs that connects to the other two hog pastures.
  • Finish front yard of our house – fencing, four gates, lawn and DG for walkway. Add more lavender and rosemary for farmer’s market.
  • Re-build out milking barn – add new windows and easier way to bring the goats in and out. Get our milking machine up and running.

What are you goals for your ranch? I would love any suggestions on ours too!!


4 thoughts on “Quartz Ridge Ranch’s Goals for 2013

  1. Hi! You might want to check out 13skills.com and plan out your 13 skills in 2013 along with tons of other homesteaders. I haven’t put mine in yet but I’m going to. We also have AGH now and are trying to learn all about them, that’s why I’m following you guys.

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