Lavender Muscovies

Our ranch is always growing and I am always on the lookout for heritage breed animals to join our farm. We decided to move away from Runner Ducks and purchase Muscovy ducklings. I picked up a chocolate and three blacks from a local farm…here is my chocolate ‘scovy.


So, when I saw someone offering Lavender Muscovies I jumped on it! My friend at Heaven Ridge Alpacas purchased a few and we traded! Two Lavenders for some Pilgrim Geese! I love being able to trade farm animals. My male and female (yes, I need to name them) are on the left. Aren’t they a beautiful color!!


We have been working on finishing up the pig pasture, the fencing is done (thank goodness) we just have to put up the hotwire and install the gate. I am excited to see two of our four American Guinea Hog gilts leave in the next couple weeks. We still have one that is for sale at $150.

My milk machine (that we have owned for a year) is finally being pieced together. I am so excited to give my wrists a break and it will go so much faster. I am planning on building a new milking barn next year. I have been looking online for some photos of milking rooms and they are few and far between. Hopefully, we can find someone who milks goats and cows like us that will help us with the design.

Well…I am off to milk, take photos of some goats we have for sale and then feed my two-footed kiddos. Hope you are all staying cool in this crazy heat. Is it bad to say I am kinda….just kinda….looking forward to winter?


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