Bella and Blitz: A kidding story

C.L.G. Farms Bella had us in kidding limbo for a week. I had her in her stall all set to kid and she was not progressing. I just figured she would kid on her own time and I needed to just leave her alone. I went out of the kidding stall area and looked into the pasture an saw C.L.G. Farms Blitz all by herself, pawing at the ground……she is about to kid!

I took Blitz into the other kidding stall and kept an eye out on her. I have heard so many scary stories about standard size dairy goats having kidding issues that I didn’t want to leave her alone for long. We noticed how she was trying to push for a while with no progress. I waiting a bit and then decided to go in a help. Luckily, my husband was there because this little one was not coming out.

We got our long gloves on, covered it in betadine and then lubed it up. I had no idea where this little one was stuck but by the look on Blitz’s face…she knew she needed help. I held her while Jeremy got its legs out. It seemed to be stuck with its legs out and head facing up. He massaged the head down until he could get the nose in line with the hooves. Then with each contraction, we pulled. He finally came out and was alive and breathing. Thank goodness!!

Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you Quartz Ridge SH Halite “Hal”:


Hal is gorgeous! He is long and level and everything you can ask in a buckling. I am still deciding if we are going to sell him as a buckling or wether. I firmly believe that bucks should be few and far between but with his genetics it is hard to make that decision. I will see how he looks at 10 weeks.

Now…let’s not forget about Miss Bella who is still in the kidding stall watching her daughter (Blitz) kid. She decides it isn’t her night and beds down for the evening.

The next day we had to head down to the city and get some shopping done. I joked the entire day that Bella was going to kid while we were gone. Jeremy didn’t think so…well…guess who won!

When we pulled up Bella had just kidded a single doeling! She looked fine and she was a bit smaller in the head than Hal! Thank goodness! Bella kidded easily and took to her baby quickly.

Introducing Quartz Ridge SH Iris:


Iris is beautiful! She is going to be a force to be reckoned with in a couple years.

Are you interested in Oberhasli’s? They are actually on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s Conservation List and considered as a “Recovering” breed. That is what led me to them as I am a sucker for heritage breeds. I also have found their intelligence and personalities are unlike any breed I have owned.


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