A&W Farms Valentine CH Olivia Delivers Quads!

Our next doe to kid was A&W Farms Valentine CH Olivia she was bred to MI Sugar Creek WK Sally’s Max *B. He is a very handsome buck and I was looking forward to see what they would throw since Olivia’s Dam is all black and so is Max.

Olivia 2

She labored easily however, she was SO loud. She wanted to be in my lap and was yelling into my face the entire night. It was the funniest thing I had ever been through. She had a bit of issues with the first baby and I helped just a tiny bit to get his large head out. I knew she had one more and a doe! Then another one came out right after…another doe. I thought she was finished and boy was I surprised…she kidded another buckling! Never in my dreams did I expect her to throw quads! I think my quote to my husband (who was working that night) was “The babies were just falling out of her!”

I would like to introduce you to our four newest additions to Quartz Ridge Ranch….

Kid #1 Quartz Ridge SM Dashkovaite “Dash”


Kid #2 Quartz Ridge SM Emerald “Emmy”


Kid #3 Quartz Ridge SM Fayalite “Faye”


Kid #4 Quartz Ridge SM Gypsum


Aren’t they all so flashy! I love that the two bucklings have waddles. I love waddles. As you can tell from the photos the boys were not cooperating with their photo shoot.

Next up are my Oberhasli’s! I have a feeling they won’t be as exciting as the Nigerians due to their coloring is very predictable. I am excited to see what we have in store for our boy to girl ratio.


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