Tattoo Tongs for Goats

Since we have both miniature (Nigerian Dwarf) and standard size (Oberhasli, Saanen, Toggenberg) goats I was stumped as to what to purchase to tattoo their ears. I ended up going with a kit from Hamby Dairy Supplies.


It contains a carrying case, tattoo ink paste, a set of letters, a set of numbers and the pliers. 

Tattoo Gun

I ordered another smaller kit that came with pliers, a number set and tattoo ink so I could keep my ranch code on one plier and then change the other plier according to the year and animal number. I added on an additional “Q, R, R” so I didn’t have to use my letters from the kit. I didn’t ever want to have to switch back a forth when tattooing their ears.

Tattoo Letters 2

I am hoping that this goes well for us as it will be the first time we tattoo anything! These are the tips I have read online for tattoo both ears and tails:

  1. Test your tattoo on a sheet of paper to make sure you put the numbers/letters in correctly.
  2. Clean the ear with alcohol wipes.
  3. While wearing gloves, rub the tattoo ink paste where the tattoo will be.
  4. Tattoo and then rub more ink into the tattoo using a toothbrush.
  5. Put baking soda on the tattoo to stop the bleeding and it makes the tattoo stand out.

Do you have hints for us? I am looking forward to seeing all the little green ears running around this month!


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