Goat Kidding Stalls

We knew we would need to build kidding stalls this year and there were so many options on what we could do. You can purchase something already made like this…


however, these are super expensive and just not worth the money for shipping either. So my husband set out to make our own out of wood. We have a 12×12 stall in our barn that we made into two kidding stalls. Each stall is 6 feet wide and 8 feet long a good size for both our standard breeds and our Nigerians. 


After Annie kidded we decided that we needed to put another 2×4 on the sides of the stall under the middle brace. She was rubbing up against it and pushing the fencing out as you can see in the photo.

The kidding stall has a small door for easy access to help out and also to clean out. The second stall will be built to the right of this one. We will also be sheeting in the side of the barn that the blue tarp is hanging on. I think it will keep the heat in better and look so much better!


We also installed a rail along the back that is able to be raised or lowered for the different breeds. We use one for water and two for pellets. She has a make-shift hay feeder made of the fencing that will be replaced with an actual hanging hay feeder that we just purchased.


Next, we put a tarp down on the bottom of it and stapled it around the edges. Since the barn isn’t 100% waterproof and the ground was wet from the crazy snow and rain we have been getting I decided it would be best to cover the decomposed granite on the bottom and then layer it with straw.


I think she likes it! She does look very pregnant in this photo. She gave birth about 12 hours later.


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