American Guinea Hogs

We have very specific requirements when we look into a new breed of animal for our ranch. We wanted hogs but did not want the large commercial breeds that are hard on fencing and dangerous for kids.

We found a smaller heritage breed called American Guinea Hogs. They have an amazing disposition, they are hardy and the are delicious!

This is my boar King George and he is registered with the American Guinea Hog Association. He is 8 months old.


We have a breeding pair that will give us piglets in the Spring. Pippa is our sow and she is smaller than George she is 6 months old. They love to cuddle up together when the sleep at night. 


I love the guys and so do our kids! This is Emily and Jack hanging out with the two hogs and our two Great Pyrenees.


If you are interested in these hogs for meat (weaner or finished pigs) or looking to purchase a breeding pair for yourself give us a call or shoot us an e-mail we would love to hear from you.


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