Breeding Season

Our breeding season is coming to an end. I cannot wait for all the little goats next spring. Laura over at Elemental Farms helped us out with breeding our Nigerian Dwarf’s this year and we now have a buck for our herd for the next breeding season.

This is Elemental Farms SM Joe:


He is very handsome just like his Daddy Max. You can find his Sire’s pedigree here. We are so excited for him to join our ranch.

I am still waiting for my new Sanaan/LaMancha to gain some weight and get a healthier coat before I breed her but she is coming along. She was used as a milker/brusher from her previous family and needed some supplement to her diet. We are doing a round of BoSe and Copper Bolus to see if her coat and appearance improves. We have a photo of her from the previous owner showing how beautiful she was in the California State Fair so I know what she should look like.

My two Oberhasli’s have been woo’d by my lovely Oberhasli buck Smokey. They have been spending some time by his pasture on the way to our home. I guess they wanted to check out what we were doing!


My Indian Runner Ducks have been enjoying the sunny weather and spend all hours in their pond. I even catch them out there in the middle of the night! Crazy ducks! I am looking forward to incubating some eggs in the Spring. My drakes have great conformation and I would love to share the joy in raising these little guys.


My newest set of chickens are growing bigger by the day. I recently moved all my older layers down to the barn area and made room for my Delaware’s and Dominique’s. Both of these are heritage breeds and excellent for meat and laying eggs. I will be incubating these two breeds in the Spring also. The Delaware’s are prettier than I ever imagined and they are very sweet.


I think we have the ranch close to being buttoned up for the Winter. It has been so beautiful here that it is hard to imagine we will be covered in snow eventually. I am keeping my eye on the Spring and hope we get through the winter quickly and safely.


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